Sunday, October 23, 2011

What I feel like talking about today.

Today, I cut my own bangs.

I always wear my glasses, but I'm planning to get Lasik soon, so I thought I'd take a picture both ways.

I watched a bunch of Youtube videos before I did it, to learn how to do it right, and I'm really happy with how it turned out.

Life has been busy. I've spent lots of time with my friends lately, and that has been really good for me. I spent a whole weekend with my roommates from my freshman year in college. It was so fun, and a very uplifting time. I love those girls so much.

Last week I also went out for a girls night with another group of friends, and had THE most wonderful time with them. We ate at the Blue Lemon in Salt Lake, and it was delicious. Like, really delicious. I would like to go there every day. And I couldn't ask for better company. I love having friends that I can just sit back and relax with. There's no catching up to do because we keep in touch frequently, so it was just a fun night out. Girl talk, laughter, etc. Besides that we almost got trapped in the parking garage, it was a perfect night. And to make it even better, one of them (a friend I grew up with) spent the night at my house and we stayed up until 3 a.m. We talked about Daniel and looked at pictures, and just enjoyed spending time together.

Friends are really important, don't you think? I feel really blessed to know all of these wonderful women.

On Friday, I had two more friends over just for an afternoon get together. They both grew up in my home ward and one of them has been my friend longer than I can remember. We were born within a couple months of each other on the same street. We grew up going to church together, going to school together, selling door-to-door tap dances together, etc. She's probably been my friend longer than anyone in the world, and it was so fun to catch up and meet her little girl.

Speaking of friends, I think this housing market is actually really good for friendships. I love my neighbors and have made lots of good friends here. And part of that is because no one is moving right now because of the market. But it has given us time to really get to know and love each other, and I think that's actually pretty awesome.