Thursday, January 29, 2009

Keeping teens out of trouble

I've figured it out. It's banana cookies.

I don't have very much motherhood experience yet, but it wasn't very long ago that I was a teenager myself. I was a pretty good kid. I cared a lot about making my parents proud. And I only snuck out once.

(Since my parents are going to read this... Mom and Dad, that thing about sneaking out once was just a joke. Nicole and I never snuck out of her house and we absolutely did not let Robyn's car roll down the hill before we started it so their parents wouldn't hear.)

During my later high school years I ran with a pretty tame crowd. The boys did rent an R-rated movie once (and I made them take me home, thank you very much), but that was about as edgy as we got. We had a lot of crazy, goofy fun (taking any opportunity imaginable to dress up in our tackiest thrift store ensembles, etc.), but we were a pretty well-behaved bunch.

And I think it's because of the banana cookies.

Jodi's mom made these delicious frosted chocolate chip banana cookies, and they were always available. Sister Traveller would make several batches at a time and keep them in the fridge in a big plastic container, stacked with wax paper. There was never a day without banana cookies at that house, and it was one of the reasons we spent so much time there.

Jodi's house was usually the main gathering location for our group of friends. And it's not because her parents let us get away with anything. It's because of the banana cookies. We watched movies, we planned out our student government campaigns, we did algebra homework and we ate banana cookies. And when the boys weren't there, we talked about boys. And Jodi's mom was audience to all of it. She deserved to be a part of everything because she kept us all full of banana cookies.

So if you want to keep your kids and their friends on the straight and narrow, follow these simple instructions:

2.5 cups flour
1.5 tsp. bk.pwd.
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp. bk.soda
1/4 tsp. salt
1/4 tsp. ground cloves
Mix and set aside

1/2 cup butter, softened
1 cup sugar
2 eggs
1/2 tsp. vanilla
1 cup mashed banana (aprox. 2.5 bananas)
1 pkg. choc. chips

Mix butter and sugar 'til fluffy. Add eggs and vanilla, beat well. Alternate dry ingredients and mashed banana. Stir in choc. chips. 350, 10 mins. (I had to bake mine longer.)

2 tb. butter
1/4 cup mashed banana (aprox. 1/2 banana)
2 cups pwd. sugar
1/2 tsp. vanilla

Whip until smooth. Frost cooled cookies.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Things that could have gone better

Since Sue announced that she was going to do "Very Funny Friday," I wanted to participate (Even though Sue doesn't know who I am).

I wondered how I could be sure I was "very funny." But THEN!

Wonder Woman posted about a very embarrasing date story, and that made me think, "Hey! I've made a fool of myself LOTS of times!"

Story #1 (inspired by Wonder Woman's story): I was dating a boy in college. After we said goodnight after a date, I was walking backwards as I smiled, waved, batted my eyes, and fell down the stairs backwards. That could have gone better.

Story #2: This happened just two nights ago. I attended a recipe group which was held at a home in a very nice neighborhood. As I was outside gathering all the things I needed to make the drink, another car pulled up. I didn't recognize the woman who got out of the car, but I'm new to the ward so that was no surprise. She asked me if I needed help, and I told her, "Nope! I just need to lock up the car because we are in a pretty scary neighborhood." I sensed she didn't know I was joking. When we both walked inside, she introduced herself as the host's mother, and I realized that I just told her that her daughter lives in a very scary part of town. That could have gone better.

(Note to self: Don't try to be funny if they don't know you. People don't always get it, and then they think you're weird. Like the nurse at the doctor's office last week. As she was trying to lace up an ankle brace that wasn't going to fit because your leg is too thick you said, "It's the same reason I can't wear tall sexy boots." She didn't care about that.)

Story #3: My mother-in-law told me she loves my blog but wondered why I chose such a demeaning name for it ("Good Frau"). I told her it's because that is what her son calls me all the time. That could have gone better.

That will have to do for now. I like to keep things short around here, AND I have to write a talk for Sunday. And the sooner I get that done, the sooner I give myself permission to go to Costco and to go shopping for some sexy jeans.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My magic red coat

I am in love with my new red coat. After a tireless search, I finally found the perfect coat. And did I mention it's red? I love it.

The day after I bought it, I couldn't wait to leave the house, just so I could wear my coat. Dave asked me if I had planned my clothes around my coat. Of course I had. He told me he thought so.

So while I was all gussied up, he took a bunch of goofy pictures of me. Dave is an excellent photographer, but I'm afraid the coat is not actually magic, and it didn't actually make me look 40 pounds thinner. So you don't get to see those ones.

Instead, I took matters into my own hands (really... I had the camera in my own hands), and I took a few glamour shots of myself. You can see one of those.

You're welcome. Oh, and look. My new red coat makes me irresistible.


That's me. Eager.

I'm in a new town and a new ward, and I've moved around a lot since I got married almost 8 years ago. It's been hard for me to adjust to all this moving.

Now that we're in a place we plan to stay indefinitely, I've decided I'm going to throw myself into whatever I can. I am eager to make friends. I'm eager to make casseroles. I'm eager to bring a bag of chips to your humanitarian effort. I'm eager to stalk my neighbors' blogs (and even leave comments!) to get to know some girls around here. I'm eager to take my son to a Mom & Tot tumbling class. I'm eager to stop you at the dollar store and introduce myself because I recognize you from church.

So if I seem a little too eager, well, I am. But I'm really glad to be where I am, and I'm excited to finally settle down.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Maybe they should re-think this one.

Last week, my husband stumbled upon possibly the worst invention in the history of mankind.

Let me tell you the story.

My dear, smart, hard-working husband was in a meeting at work. While someone else was speaking, my husband was fiddling with a dry-erase marker, pushing the cap on and off. He noticed the marker had an appealing apple scent, so he gave it a couple good whiffs.

This is the point when his participation decreased significantly, because he was high.

I couldn't stop laughing when he told me the story, picturing my young professional husband in a corner sniffing markers. He said it wasn't quite like that and that I have nothing to be embarrased about.

He said he felt sick all day and he was still a little light-headed when he came home.

So why would someone think this is a good idea? I have lots of good ideas. In fact, I am going to be a millionare someday with one of my good ideas... wait and see! My ideas are GOOD for you and won't even get you fired!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

His biggest fan

If you know me or if you ever read my other blog (the one that's private now), you know that during the last season of American Idol, I was a huge fan of David Archuleta. As in... chasing him down with a bunch of 12-year-olds outside his high school while I was carrying a 1-year-old. I am not proud of that. Or am I?

(This was obviously before I attended the SLC auditions and realized the whole thing is a big SCAM! No, just kidding..... but why did they let me sing so long? WHY?!)


Apparently I'm not as big a fan as my little brother (a 26-year-old father of 1.5), who gets David Archuleta fan updates texted to his phone frequently. He said it was by accident that he signed up for the updates.

Sure it was. I also accidentally voted for him like, a ka-trillion times after the finale.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

I spent my extra second...

Happy New Year!

I read a story on tonight (still haven't learned my lesson) about how the International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service decided to add one second to the end of 2008, meaning that the last minute of 2008 was actually 61 seconds long. It's to adjust the time to the earth's slowing rotation, apparently.

I did some math, and I decided it would be more efficient to add a whole minute every 8,640 years.

Now, how do I get on that committee?