Friday, January 23, 2009

Things that could have gone better

Since Sue announced that she was going to do "Very Funny Friday," I wanted to participate (Even though Sue doesn't know who I am).

I wondered how I could be sure I was "very funny." But THEN!

Wonder Woman posted about a very embarrasing date story, and that made me think, "Hey! I've made a fool of myself LOTS of times!"

Story #1 (inspired by Wonder Woman's story): I was dating a boy in college. After we said goodnight after a date, I was walking backwards as I smiled, waved, batted my eyes, and fell down the stairs backwards. That could have gone better.

Story #2: This happened just two nights ago. I attended a recipe group which was held at a home in a very nice neighborhood. As I was outside gathering all the things I needed to make the drink, another car pulled up. I didn't recognize the woman who got out of the car, but I'm new to the ward so that was no surprise. She asked me if I needed help, and I told her, "Nope! I just need to lock up the car because we are in a pretty scary neighborhood." I sensed she didn't know I was joking. When we both walked inside, she introduced herself as the host's mother, and I realized that I just told her that her daughter lives in a very scary part of town. That could have gone better.

(Note to self: Don't try to be funny if they don't know you. People don't always get it, and then they think you're weird. Like the nurse at the doctor's office last week. As she was trying to lace up an ankle brace that wasn't going to fit because your leg is too thick you said, "It's the same reason I can't wear tall sexy boots." She didn't care about that.)

Story #3: My mother-in-law told me she loves my blog but wondered why I chose such a demeaning name for it ("Good Frau"). I told her it's because that is what her son calls me all the time. That could have gone better.

That will have to do for now. I like to keep things short around here, AND I have to write a talk for Sunday. And the sooner I get that done, the sooner I give myself permission to go to Costco and to go shopping for some sexy jeans.


Kristina P. said...

I've stuck my foot in my mouth more times than I can count. I own a Snuggie, for heaven's sake.

Sue said...

"After we said goodnight after a date, I was walking backwards as I smiled, waved, batted my eyes, and fell down the stairs backwards." This seriously made me laugh out loud. Oh man. And see, NOW I know who you are :>