Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Patience, young grasshopper

I just saw the funniest conversation on Facebook, and I need to share. The originator is my second cousin, and I'm not sure how old she is, but apparently she hasn't graduated from the sixth grade yet.

(Cousin): wants a phone soooooooo bad!!!!!!! MOM PLEASSSSSSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEE CAN I HAVE A PHONE??!!!!

(Friend 1) girl, i didnt get mine til the day after I graduated from 6th grade..patience, young grasshopper(:

(Friend 2) I didn't get mine until the day before 8th grade. I win. Btw, the longer the wait, possibly the better phone! :)


Kristina P. said...

Such trials our young people face!

Diana said...

OHMYGOSH. That is so freakin hysterical. I didn't get mine until I went to college and it was literally a brick phone that did not have a battery pack and therefore only worked when it was plugged into my car.

I'm pretty sure that makes me 1000 years old.

Anne Marie said...

Ha! Love it! Darling picture of you below there!

NIKOL said...

I remember wanting my own phone so, so badly when I was a teenager. Of course, back then the phone in question was the kind that had you tied to the wall with a cord of some sort. Remember those days? Good times.

Melissa said...


s + b said...

LOL. wow. i didn't get my first phone til i was a sophomore in college... guess i'm not that hip.