Saturday, March 28, 2009

You're gettin' old, Frau! Ha HA!

That's what Dave said to me this morning as I medicated a lingering headache, brought on by a loud concert last night.

But am I even allowed to grow out of my teeny bopper stage before I'm fitted for support hoes and a cane?

You see, I spent Friday night in the midst of fellow David Archuleta fans at his concert in Salt Lake City. The crowd was probably 90 percent female, and 85 percent shrieking female. My ears are still ringing exactly 24 hours since the close of the show. And Dave thought I was mad at him last night because I kept yelling.

Anyone who has read my blog for a while knows that I'm a big fan, and president of the David Archuleta Fan Club for Married Girls Who are Too Old to Have a Crush but Still Might Be a Little Obsessed.

Make that "Former President." I think I've been demoted because my concert buddy sister-in-law might be a bigger fan. I know. You didn't know that was possible because you know that I chased him down last year during his hometown visit, packing my 1-year-old. But so did she. And her husband (my brother) is an honorary member of the club, since he gets juicy text messages from Brother Archuleta frequently.

Back to the concert. It was a lot of fun. David Archuleta is a great performer and seems so confident on stage now. He was full of energy and I couldn't believe he could keep singing song after song with all that bouncin' around like a Tigger (Sorry... We've been watching a lot of Tigger lately). If it were me (and it wasn't, because American Idol rejected me) I would have needed a minute to catch my breath in between songs, but we already established that I'm getting old.

It was a fun girls night! Thanks to our men for going out of their way to get us to the concert and keep the munchkins for the night.

Here we are. I'm the one with the Lisa Loeb glasses and she's the one with the Taylor Swift hair


Rachel said...

Fun times! That is hilarious that your husband thought you were mad at him!

Diana said...

Oh you CRACK me UP! It always helps when you are overly "enthusiastic" about something when you have a companion to help you not feel so pathetic. For instance, I know every Friends episode by heart, have all ten seasons and quote it on a daily basis... and even though I'm Monica to a "T" (well almost), I'm pretty sure that me and Jennifer Aniston would be best friends if we were to ever meet..... But at least so does my sister.

And I love "Brother Archuleta" -- (not in "that married girl that is too old to have a crush but still might be a little obsessed" way..... Mostly I just love that you refer to him as "Brother"). His music is pretty catchy too.

Good work on regaining your hearing. By Sunday, I only had to repeat myself a couple times when we were "whispering" in primary. But to be fair, my whisper isn't really a whisper. My volume knob is stuck on loud.

Sorry about my neverending comment, but it's Monday morning at work, and I'm not motivated to start any of it.... Thanks for helping me as I'm sitting here clacking away at my keyboard looking all busy... 2 of my co-workers came in, saw my, ahem, "focused" face, and apologized for interrupting. Hey... I'm comment blogging... that's important stuff.

The EnD.