Thursday, June 4, 2009

2 Legit

You can now see my blog at

The old address will redirect to my new address, but feed reader users (like Google Reader) might need to subscribe to the new address to get updates. But I don't know. Maybe you won't.

That's all!


Debbie said...

Yahoo. Official and all.

leah said...

i see it in my reader, yo! :)
then i just had to click on the link. :)


Diana said...

I love the new header... You crack me up. :D

Elizabeth C said...

Emily, you are entering the big time in the .com world huh? I'd like to know some tips on how much that kind of thing costs. I looked into it and it seemed quite pricey. But maybe I was looking at the wrong place. I had thought about it for my photo blog...but blogs are free.

valentine said...

how exciting for you to be leaving blogspot and heading to .com!

can't wait to see you there!