Friday, October 16, 2009

Look at Me, I'm Sandra Dee

I have a girls night tonight. A sleepover even. I'm going to a fancy cabin somewhere out of cell phone range with a bunch of women from my ward.

When I was invited, I said to my friend, "It sounds like a lot of fun but I've never left (my son) overnight before."

"None of us have," she said.

Oh yeah... This fact does not make me special. This is a first for most of us.

Anyway, I want to look cute tonight for dinner and whatever fun ensues at the cabin. (The husband of one of my friends is certain there will be lingerie and pillow fights... He'd sure like to come. He'd sure be disappointed.)

But, I swear, on the days I care the most about looking nice I end up looking like a total goof.

Take my high school reunion for instance. I carefully chose my outfit well in advance and had a mental image of how I would look. And I was hot! In my mind.

Then the night of the reunion rolled around and I put the plan into action.

And I ended up looking a lot like Nellie Oleson.

So hot.

But my dress was still cute.

Anyway, I probably shouldn't care about tonight. I know I'll have fun no matter what and nobody but I will care if my hair looks cute.

Tell me, do you spend extra time primping for a girls night? Have you ever had a big sleepover with a bunch of Mormon mommies?

I'm excited. I've had my pajamas picked out for weeks.

P.S. The votes for the coloring contest are pouring in. You have the rest of the weekend to vote for your favorite and get your friends to vote for you!


Kristina P. said...

I haven't, but sounds fun! I plan to leave my kids alone by themselves, a lot.

wonder woman said...

Heck yes I spend time primping for girls' nights. It takes me a while to find the perfect "I-don't-care-about-how-I-look-but-secretly-want-to-impress-you" look.

My vote: cute pjs, fun socks/slippers, perfect make-up, and pigtails. (LOVE it in your header!!)

*LaUrA* said...

Oh you have fun friends!! None of my friends will do stuff like this! I am going to come be your neighbor ok...and then I will finally get to have sleepovers! I hope you have fun! And I saw pics of you...and you certainly did not look like looked very classy! I hope you have so much fun! I want to hear all about it!...and haahaha and gross if girls got together and put on lingerie...eew? haha...funny image!

valentine said...

srsly, when will ringlet pigtails come back in??? i am growing impatient.

KATIE said...

I saw a picture of you from that night and I thought you looked cute!

I cried when we left Quinn for a week, but really he was fine and so was I! Have so much fun at your retreat. I just found out my new ward does something like this each year . . . I'm excited!

Rachel Sue said...

I have done it with my SIL's and it is great! I kind of want to put one together with some girls from my ward. Maybe not a sleepover yet, but at least a girls night. My problem, however, is trying to decide who to invite, without making everyone else feel left out. It's kind of annoying. . .

Debbie / Cranberry Fries said...

Yes yes and yes. The perfect outfit has backfired on me before, boo. I totally try to look extra cute for the GNO's.
And I think it's the hubby's duty to hope for the pillow fights in underwear deal when girls hang out. Silly boys.

gregg + camille said...

okay, so funny that you would feel this way and post about it because we ran into each other after how many years?? 9 years?? And one of the first things I send to you was "oh, I am in my sweats with my hair pulled back" - you looke ADORABLE. And, for the record I usually DON"T plan a cute outfit for GNO because I am just glad its night and I get to hang out with Girl friends, buy maybe I don't dress nice because its usually at my house and I don't have to go anywhere - but there are plenty of other occasions when I do try to carefully plan out my outfits and HOPE that my hair will cooperate!!