Thursday, April 16, 2009

I now bequeath

Valentine is my lovely new blogging friend. Her blog, "Letters from Valentine" is new and fun, and I've enjoyed it very much so far.

This award was given with no rules, so I decided to pass it along to three of my favorite blogging friends.

My mom always tried to teach me that there were more important things about people than a sense of humor, but it didn't stick. All three of the following ladies make me laugh and, just as importantly, they seem to get me when I'm trying to be funny, too.

First, I will introduce you to my friend Diana. She is a blogging friend and a real-life friend. I forget which came first. I met her when she and her family delivered a delicious plate of fudge to my house when I first moved to the neighborhood, but I feel like I really got to know her when I started stalking her blog. It was then that I realized that she was my kind of girl, for sure. Before I was brave enough to leave a comment, I read this post, in which Diana inflicts serious psychological harm on an Iceberg drive-thru employee. I also enjoyed her account of a friendly (or not-so-friendly) race with a fellow neighborhood runner. I was sure the dog in the story (which she pepper-sprayed) was mine, but it wasn't. Which actually wouldn't make sense anyway, since Diana has requested to borrow my dog. Anyway, she's a funny lady and I'm super lucky to live right across the street from her.

Next, I would like you to meet Julie. Julie was in my brother's high school class, so I knew her a little, but I feel like I know her better now thanks to the wonders of technology.

(I think this calls for a soundtrack. And in fact, this song applies to both of the recipients so far. I know Julie better now through blogging than I did when I used to see her at school all the time, and Diana met her one true love, the one who makes her salvivate, online.)

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Now, back to Julie. She's always looking out for the rest of us. Like when she told us to say nothing about other people's baby names. Ever. This post also contains valuable advice about staying virtuous as a teenager and other "Jules" of wisdom. Ha ha ha.... I made that up myself. Oh, and here she saves you a whole $5 (or however much a magazine costs) by reviewing an issue of Cosmo and offering her own helpful tips. You know what kind of tips I'm talking about.

And last but never least, my former nemesis, Jen. Jen was my roommate at Ricks College who went from being my buddy to my enemy who kept too much water in the fridge and cut me off from her wardrobe after an especially heated argument in which I accused her of keeping too much water in the fridge. Years later we reconnected on MySpace and buried the hatchet. Now I consider her one of my favorite people and dearest friends. As long as we don't have to share a refrigerator, Jen and I should be just fine. Especially because I wouldn't even fit in her clothes anymore. And she lives about 2,000 miles away.


Jen has aspirations to become Dooce II, and how could I blame her? Who wouldn't love to make $40k a month from their blog? So I'm doing my part to bring Jen fame and fortune by introducing my tens of readers to her.

Jen always has great ideas for home decorating and she might be a little bit addicted to spray paint. And she likes the same TV shows that I like, which is really important.

So Diana, Julie and Jen, I hope you feel honored! :) I'm not giving you any rules. Post the award on your blog or don't. Pass it along or don't. But know that I think you're all awesome.

P.S. You might notice that today is Thursday and I'm not supposed to be online Tuesday and Thursday. But Dave didn't unplug the internet. I could pretend not to be online to save face, or I could just carry on. But my house is clean-ish and I made cookies like a good frau... so that's what matters, right? And my son is learning a lot about teamwork as he watches "Wonderpets" on my lap.


Kristina P. said...

I will definitely check these out!

julie said...

oh I AM honored! You just made my day! Thanks bunches! It must take funny to know it, because your blog is always full of witticisms. And I should have told you this earlier, but my sister wrote me the other day and said, I blog-stalked Good Frau..I like her!

Now maybe I'll come out of my blogging slump...maybe.

julie said...

oh, I just listened to the song...ahahahhah! I had forgotten all about it...hahaha!

Diana said...

OHMYGOSH. (please insert a visual of me fanning my face as tears surface) I didn't even know I was NOMinated! I am truly honored almost to the point of being speechless. Almost. I don't think that can ever really happen. This is awesome, I will post about this. It's not everyday people 'get' me enough to actually admit it. :) I

I also love that song. That is so (too close) me. Yes, it's true. If it exists, I will find it online.

Okay, I get the hint... there's a limit on my acceptance speech.

I'll go for now, but just know.... I thank you for reading and sometimes enjoying my blog.... and admitting it. :)

Diana said...

My sister tells me those fav posts of yours are fine, but her fav's are the following:

They are all pre-you moving to the 'hood' so it's only natural you wouldn't have read them.

Clearly where my family is concerned, I used to be funnier than I am now. Figures.

Elizabeth C said...

You're so cute Emily. These blog award things are funny and fun.

jen said...

i TOTALLY forgot about keeping that gallon square thing of water in the fridge. Plus my gallon of milk and all my other crap. Sheesh. I was not a very considerate roommate. Although - I never put wet oatmeal in a sock and hid it in your room now, did I? ;) I'm glad we're friends and honored to receive your blogger award. My very first! If I ever get close to Dooce level - I'll send you a large paycheck. :)

Valentine said...

you are quite welcome! your blog is so enjoyable and i look forward to your posts!

Pop Champagne said...

wow I will definately check out these blogs! :)

Kristina P. said...

Emily, I'm just checking in to see how you're doing!

Emily said...

You make me laugh! I do blog stalk you occasionaly :) You should send me your e-mail address and I will invite you to our family blog.

Hope all is well!