Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I love my decorator

My husband is at Sears shopping for drapes for our new house.

Without me.

Should I trust him?

ETA: Getting drapes/blinds is an emergency. The people we bought the house from took all their blinds with them. So we are living here with very minimal privacy at the moment.


Kristina P. said...

Well, you used Sears and husband in that sentence. I'm going with no.

Emily said...

Ha ha... Well, I'm mostly just looking for some thick panels. Nothing he OR Sears shouldn't be able to handle. I hope!

Hey Kristina... maybe you can help me since I'm new to Utah. Is there a good place to buy drapes that are colorful/elegant/funky?

artsy ann said...

can't wait to see how he did, whatever he picks it'll be something he really thinks you'll like :)

artsy ann said...

The painting is very nice and very reasonably priced I think. Doesn't it match your vintage couch?

Emily said...

Yes, it would go well with my red couch... is that what you mean? Or do you mean the old gold couch? We gave that one away before we moved to Utah. Sad. My parents had that cool couch before I was born.

I wonder if she would print the painting in a larger size. I really love it.

artsy ann said...

you should totally ask about the painting.
and I was thinking of the gold couch but the painting would go great with the red couch too!
Do you have an etsy account?

wonder woman said...

I wouldn't trust my own husband....but yours is different from mine, so it might turn out okay. =D

If I were buying drapes I'd probably go to Target, but Ikea's got great stuff, too. Tai Pan Trading, maybe?

jen said...

Emily - you should totally make the trip to IKEA. It's my favorite place to get nice looking cheap curtain panels (or anything inexpensive for the house). I can't wait until ours opens in a few months...I think I might single handedly save the economy with the long list of spending I plan to do there.