Thursday, November 20, 2008

I've been thieved.

Let me tell you a little story.

Once upon a time, in a very cold land (Rexburg-ish), there was a young frau who was borrowing her brother's Jeep while he was on a mission.

One day the frau, an advertising saleswoman, happened upon a beautiful used Audi station wagon with leather interior. She wanted it for her very own.

(You may not think station wagons are cool. But you would be wrong.)

Because the car lot was owned by a friend (the luck!), the young frau was offered an amazing price on the car.

However, the frau's husband was not an easy sell, and gave the frau a very hard time as she tried to convince him that it was, indeed, a necessary purchase.

Because the car seemed so nice (a little old, but nice), the husband had a hard time seeing its practicality.

The frau aired her grievances to her 40-year-old man-hating coworker, who encouraged her to buy it anyway, with or without the husband's consent.

But she wasn't that kind of frau.

Eventually the husband gave in.

The car had a few quirks (like buzzing for a full minute everytime the frau turned on the lights or the radio), but needed no major repairs and kept the frau nicely transported for years.

Five years later, the husband and the frau were moving their small family to a nearby town. The husband decided to start driving the wagon so he could transport more belongings on weekdays after work.

That frau, ladies and gentleman, is me. The official moving day has come and gone, but my husband continues to take the station wagon (MY station wagon) to work every day. He says he likes it better than his car, which we bought brand new.

I told 'im so. I love it when I'm right. But it usually doesn't take 5 years to prove it.


Kristina P. said...

Well, at least it's better than a minivan.

jen said...

this is a new story! I didn't know you had an Audi wagon. Those are nice cars. You should tell Dave that this proves you're ALWAYS right. :)

wonder woman said...

Vindication is second only to chocolate, in my book. And, Rexburg.....I remember Rexburg! Such fond memories...

*LaUrA* said...

HULU!!...thank you!! have been trying to think of that website for a couple of weeks now...I probably could have googled it but I like to do things the hard way, actually making my brain recall stuff;)

I am glad your husband finally saw the light. I am also impressed he gave in in the first place! I just might think you are a little spoiled;)

And congrats on a house and getting moved! Do post pictures!